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Regarding “Roadkill can now be harvested for food in Oregon”,  Honestly this gave me hope.... the Oregon legislature did not waste the entire year, at least they did “something” and in my opinion, something right.   Over the years when visiting Kenii, Alaska we have noticed big signs “200 moose killed in 2016 please drive carefully”, or whatever the number was for that year.  We were told that residents can sign up to be called when there is road kill, if they are not there to claim it in the required time, the next person on the list is called. We thought this was a great idea considering the number of animals killed every year ( and depending on the season it was probably “flash frozen” already).  Glad to see Oregon is moving in the right direction, the animal is dead why waste it.  

Stephanie Miller, Warrenton


Here in the isolation of the Oregon Coast our outlook can at times become very narrow with talk of RAIN. Most of us don’t have a clue what the Port of Astoria Commissioners deal with and what is reasonable to expect in managing the Port business in the best interest of the taxpayer who is footing the bill. Most of us don’t take the time to attend the public meetings of the Port Commission so no wonder we are confused by the news articles we read.

But what gets my attention in a big way is when elected officials or citizens in their Letters To The Editor or on talk radio suggest a Commissioner is micro-managing. In my experience as a business owner, this simply means that employees don’t like the idea that someone is directing them and asking them to do their job. I’m tired of the belly-aching of staff and some current Commissioners. We SHOULD be asking these public employees to do their job. We should make sure they are doing the work they are paid to do. We should demand that the Port operate with open communication and no secret deals.

I am supporting Dick Hellberg, Pat O’Grady and Steve Fulton because they agree with me, let’s not let the fraudulent actions of past Executive Directors (Peter Gearin) be repeated. Please vote for Hellberg, O’Grady and Fulton to ensure the majority of the Commission cares about truth and honesty rather than pet projects like the Astoria Airport.

Jim Benson

Astoria, Oregon


I will be voting for  Steve Fulton, Dick Hellberg and Pat O’Grady for Port of Astoria Commissioners. I have known these men for years and I believe that are honest and will keep our best interest in mind.

Charles Bergerson 

PO box 554

Warrenton, Oregon 97146


Our community expects and deserves accountability, good stewardship and effective management of our tax investment at the Port of Astoria.

I have attended most of the Port meetings for the past year or more, and the consistent 3-2 vote by the Port Commission has not shown responsible oversight of projects or expenditures at the Port of Astoria. There has been over a million dollars of project overruns, DEQ fines and financial losses as a result of this poor management. There has been NO PORT BUDGET presented this fiscal year so we, the bill payers, the Commission and the Budget Committee have not been properly informed of revenue and expenditures. This, is itself a violation of our democratic/representative process.

The Port Commission needs responsible members who will be accountable and transparent so our Port can be the job-creator and economy-booster we deserve: Vote for Pat O’Grady, Dick Hellberg and Steve Fulton.

Submitted by

Bob Bridgens

Warrenton, Oregon


To whom it may concern:

On March 22, in an article published in the Daily Astorian, the entire county was invited to get liquored up ON PUBLIC PROPERTY at the Astoria Airport as part of the Seventh International MAN CAVE Open House. The MAN CAVE is not a licensed bar, has no one monitoring the number of drinks each person has, has no one trained to assess how drunk a person is, and has no barriers separating it from the airports active runways. In fact, party participants often fly their airplanes into the airport and fly out after the party. Apparently, some Port commissioners are regulars at the MAN CAVE, including the open houses and summer barbecues where large scale drinking occurs.

This is completely wrong and it needs to stop. Please support Dick Hellberg, Pat O’Grady and Steve Fulton for the Port Commission. These three believe that rules must be followed and alcohol and flying aircraft don’t mix, especially when the Port of Astoria and the citizens of Clatsop County are at risk.

Jim McKey


I have three questions for those who live south of Astoria:

What has the Port of Astoria done for you during the last 20 years? Answer: Probably NOTHING. The backbone of successful ports in the Pacific Northwest is ship terminals. Our Port’s terminals are old and filled with silt. They process very little freight. There are no real economic benefits to the southern part of the county.

How would you benefit from the pending $1.96 million Astoria Airport bond? Probably NOT AT ALL. We know the Bales’ man cave site can be used to accommodate Life Flight at a cost to the Port of just $2500. The south county will not benefit from three speculative hangar pads and seven speculative commercial lots, which is where a great part of the $1.96 million will be spent.

In the future, what should the Port do to benefit you? AT LONG LAST THE PORT OF ASTORIA MUST GET SERIOUS ABOUT DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL NEW SHIP TERMINALS. In nine short years, the Port of Grays Harbor transitioned from failure (similar to our Port’s current situation) to a prosperity that benefits much of Grays Harbor County. if that can be accomplished at Grays Harbor, it can be achieved here in Clatsop County.

 Vote for Dick Hellberg, Pat O’Grady and Steve Fulton who believe the South Coast is every bit as important as Astoria and they will watch that your money isn’t wasted on speculation at the Astoria Airport.

Emily Gray

Remember the Port of the Past?

Many of us remember the bad-old-days of the Peter Gearin era at the Port. To avoid a repeat of that miserable period, we must have someone on the Commission who provides proper oversight. It is not micro-managing - it is making sure that fraud does not occur as it did less than a decade ago.

Commissioner Steve Fulton is the person we need to continue at the Port as he brought the above facts to the public’s attention:

1)a 5-minute Google search of “Conway Construction of Ridgefield, Washington” would have told Port staff that Conway was unqualified to construct the Port of Astoria’s surface water treatment system that is unfinished and over budget (Commissioner Fulton voted against Conway; Commissioner Campbell voted for Conway.)

2) for five months, Port staff and Treasurer James Campbell failed to inform the full Commission of Conway’s $750,000 overrun; and

3) Port staff failed to inform the Commission that the ODEQ penalized the Port $69,319 for delays in construction of the surface water treatment (two commissioners learned about the huge penalty through an article in the Daily Astorian.)

 We need someone who pays attention to waste and tells the public about it even if it isn’t very good news. Please give Steve Fulton your vote in the May 16 election.

 Kate Krizan



I know that I am no longer a Clatsop County resident, but I do have an informed opinion about Steve Fulton and Dr. Bales as I was a resident of Astoria for a number of years and on the Port Commission for eight of those years.  I was a member of the commission when the Bales lease was negotiated and signed.

I do feel that Dr. Bales has violated the lease and should be required to remedy the things which put him out of compliance.  However, without notice and sufficient time to correct the noted discrepancies, I do not think it is fair to terminate his lease and appropriate his hanger for another use.  It sounds like a major reason for Steve’s position is that he wants to save money getting Life Flight to the Port and at the same time saving money in the process.  This is not the way a public entity should treat residents.

Don McDaniel

University Place, WA